October 2010: Planetwatch with Pamela Cucinell

Pare Down for Action

On October 1, connect with like-minded people to surf through turbulence. Ideas flow on October 2, and diplomacy narrows differences on October 3. Tasks go well on October 4, but avoid new starts. On October 5, spend time on modifications. Eliminate clutter on October 6.

Relationships in Balance

The Libra New Moon on October 7 offers new perspectives in relationships, whether with your business partner, your lover or your nemesis. Venus, the plantet associated with love, money and fashion, goes retrograde on October 8. This means research and reconsider any big purchase or investment. An old lover or friend may also resurface during this time. October 9 encourages contemplative exploration. Enjoy quiet time on October 10, but then get moving. Play with childlike enthusiasm, but remember any physical limitations on October 11. On October 12, disengage from at least one demand in order to do another thing well.

The Pendulum Swings

A serious tone colors your experiences on October 13. Hard conversations on October 14 see great resolution. On October 15, weekend plans distract unless a project really interests you. October 16 is wonderful for visionary group activity. Watch, listen and learn on October 17. October 18 is a highly fruitful day—make plans, make art, or write.

The Calculating Warrior

Expect thought-provoking conversations on October 19. Make strides towards a goal on October 20 and 21, if only in your mind. The Aries Full Moon is on October 22. Listen to children, because they see a situation without artifice or supposed limitations. Awaken your pioneer spirit. On October 23, plan home activities rather than initiate new projects unless you’re prepared for opposition. Take time to calculate your moves before you jump into anything on October 24.

Stir the Pot

On October 25, your need to discover what’s going on may be somewhat thwarted. October 26 is a rich time to uncover help from unexpected sources. Careful consideration reaps long-term rewards on October 27 and 28. An evening out can satisfy your increased desire for adventure on October 29. Keep a low price ceiling on impulse purchases on October 30, or the cost will outweigh the dazzle. Plan Halloween activities carefully, especially for the evening, to avoid the disappointment of missed meetings.

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