March 2010 – Planet Watch with Pamela Cucinell

Talking in Dreamtime
Mercury enters Pisces on March 1, emphasizing nonverbal communication. Count your blessings from March 1 to 3 and they will multiply. March 3 and 4 reveal unexpected encounters or funds, while March 4 and 5 are powerhouse days to attract relationships and wealth. Let creativity flow on March 6, but wait before you commit to anything. Venus enters Aries on March 7, which increases spontaneity. Use March 8 through 10 for serious work and decisions.

The God of Desire, Unleashed!
On March 10, Mars goes direct and delays diminish; avoid anger and outbursts. Investment options and social networking abound on March 11 and 12. Set a timer if you’re on the computer on March 13 or you’ll miss your dinner engagement. On March 13 and 14, explore innovative ideas and imagine what’s possible.

New Moon = New Visions
The March 15 New Moon heightens dreams, creativity and romance. On March 16, move ahead purposefully; consider your options but don’t do anything rash. People speak without thinking on March 17. By the evening of March 18, a satisfying meal and comfortable surroundings will put any “wrongs” in perspective. If you don’t see the wealth in your life on March 19, look again—you’ve missed something.

Let the Sun Shine In
The Sun enters Aries with the Spring Equinox on March 20. Messages come from children. On March 21, playtime may be at odds with an obligation, but don’t sacrifice good humor. If you want to get a message out, do it on March 22. Emotions run high on March 23, but the end yields great results. Finances may not look pretty on March 24, but evaluate them clearly. Get dressed up and go out on March 25. Someone makes an offer on March 26, but if you’re not sure why, you can set limits. You can plow through research and tasks on March 27. Once you make a decision on March 28, you proceed with great enthusiasm.

The Full Moon in Balance
On March 29 one thing leads to another, then another. There’s a rosy glow to this full moon’s promise, and compromise will boost its potential. March 30 sets a reflective mood, best shared with a friend. On March 31, be aware of the difference between your reactions and reality; this can ease any tension.

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