April 2010 – Planet Watch with Pamela Cucinell

The Ram Charges Ahead
Luck is in the air on April 1 and 2, and you bloom with renewed enthusiasm. Write down new ideas on April 3 for another day. If you feel thwarted on April 4, modify your routine. April 5 is a terrific day for research and hard questions. A financial or romantic merger heats up starting April 6.  Networking for business, pleasure, or a beloved cause is favored from April 7 through 9.

Preparations for a Fresh Start
Creative activities flourish with cooperation on April 10 and 11. Make decisions about what you can release and where to put your focus on April 12 and 13.
The April 14 Aries New Moon awakens inspiration and mysticism; change and growth begin with reflection. Ideas put in motion on April 15 and 16 have excellent chances for success. April 17 encourages relating (especially romantic); be on the lookout for resources, too.

Mercury Retrograde
This retrograde begins April 18 and lasts through May 11. Rewards take time. Read small print, back up your files and don’t crowd too many appointments into one day.

Approach the Bull Quietly
On April 19, tread lightly and give people space. The Sun enters Taurus on April 20; people will be cheerful unless rushed. Make April 21 a play day, but avoid shopping for expensive items. On Earth Day, April 22, keep alert for agendas that can put projects in jeopardy.
Something can suddenly come together on April 23, so make room for romance. April 24 is detail-oriented; lay out a garden or work on a design. Step forward if you don’t want to be held back on April 25. Look into legal/partnership pros and cons on April 26. Good decisions are made through trust and deep spiritual seeking. On April 27, go to an art show, see a performance or listen to music you love with lovable people.

Full Moon in Scorpio
The power struggle of status quo verses change is in the news on April 28. Although this brings intense emotion, it is good to set your own priorities and focus on goals. April 29 is a satisfying day for research and meaningful conversations. An inspired vision can trigger the answer you’re seeking. April 30 is a productive day, but you want to keep moving and stay stimulated. Try not to begin anything new that day unless you’re ok with it not working out as planned.

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