October 2010: Planetwatch with Pamela Cucinell

Pare Down for Action

On October 1, connect with like-minded people to surf through turbulence. Ideas flow on October 2, and diplomacy narrows differences on October 3. Tasks go well on October 4, but avoid new starts. On October 5, spend time on modifications. Eliminate clutter on October 6.

Relationships in Balance

The Libra New Moon on October 7 offers new perspectives in relationships, whether with your business partner, your lover or your nemesis. Venus, the plantet associated with love, money and fashion, goes retrograde on October 8. This means research and reconsider any big purchase or investment. An old lover or friend may also resurface during this time. October 9 encourages contemplative exploration. Enjoy quiet time on October 10, but then get moving. Play with childlike enthusiasm, but remember any physical limitations on October 11. On October 12, disengage from at least one demand in order to do another thing well.

The Pendulum Swings

A serious tone colors your experiences on October 13. Hard conversations on October 14 see great resolution. On October 15, weekend plans distract unless a project really interests you. October 16 is wonderful for visionary group activity. Watch, listen and learn on October 17. October 18 is a highly fruitful day—make plans, make art, or write.

The Calculating Warrior

Expect thought-provoking conversations on October 19. Make strides towards a goal on October 20 and 21, if only in your mind. The Aries Full Moon is on October 22. Listen to children, because they see a situation without artifice or supposed limitations. Awaken your pioneer spirit. On October 23, plan home activities rather than initiate new projects unless you’re prepared for opposition. Take time to calculate your moves before you jump into anything on October 24.

Stir the Pot

On October 25, your need to discover what’s going on may be somewhat thwarted. October 26 is a rich time to uncover help from unexpected sources. Careful consideration reaps long-term rewards on October 27 and 28. An evening out can satisfy your increased desire for adventure on October 29. Keep a low price ceiling on impulse purchases on October 30, or the cost will outweigh the dazzle. Plan Halloween activities carefully, especially for the evening, to avoid the disappointment of missed meetings.

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September 2010: Planetwatch with Pamela Cucinell

A Planned Party Flows

Mercury is retrograde until September 14, so assume nothing and back up files. Unexpected events on September 1 and 2 derail slipshod work. Enjoy a long contemplation near a body of water on September 3 or 4. Smiles abound on September 5 for creative causes or simple fun. The party continues as you travel home on Labor Day. It pays to prepare on September 7, prioritizing work and health routines.

Another Chance for Perfection

The September 8 New Moon in Virgo urges adjustments to your diet, exercise habits or routine. Choose your goal wisely to support your bigger vision. Legal and partnership discussions are effective on September 9 and 10. On September 11, people meet for transformational reasons, no matter how brief or long. Follow your passion on September 12 when Mercury goes direct.

Weigh Your Options

September 13 offers good results if you are diplomatic. Explore your options on September 14. Prepare to use the “stops and starts” on September 15 to your advantage. Implement ideas and launch new projects on September 16 and 17. On September 18, some people feel bulldozed, while others feel effective.

The Great Wheel Turns into Autumn

Any enterprise begun on September 19 has a strong spiritual component. Map out your plans on September 20 with the ability to bend them. On September 21, talk things out so that you can gain clarity to go forward. September 22 is the Autumnal Equinox, which generates new beginnings through endings. The September 23 Harvest Moon shines on the impetus to create real change. Although there’s an unknown and uncontrollable quality to this energy, remember that attitude is everything. On September 24, the less concerned you are about specifics, the more you can seize opportunities.

Powerful Emotions Create Irrevocable Change

On September 25, know where you’re going (with alternate routes for detours). No one can push you into a fight on September 26 unless you’re willing. Conversations can lead to strong results on September 27. Don’t over-commit on September 28, because of the likelihood of change. On September 29, understand your feelings about a situation completely to increase your effectiveness. September 30 creates an emotional roller coaster, but there is the potential for great understanding and revelation.

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July 2010 – Planet Watch with Pamela Cucinell

Dreams, Not Deadlines
July 1 and 2 stimulate escapism, so avoid sensitive deadlines. You may encounter an uncontrollable situation on July 3 and 4. On Independence Day, concentrate on how you want things to be rather than how they are. Expect abrupt changes and sudden revelations on July 5. Focus improves on July 6 but don’t make it all work and no play that day.

The Crab’s New Moon
July 7 bodes well for communication. Good news comes through on July 8. Impetuous conversations abound on July 9. July 10 begins a productive couple of days, in spite of surprising emotions. On July 11, the Cancer New Moon is a total solar eclipse. Look at your home, garden and family and see where you need to bring attention or strengthen ties.

Balancing Act
A person or object can fascinate you on July 13. You can forge valuable relationships on July 14. July 15 is wonderful for bodywork, health care or fitness and diet plans. Negotiations on July 16 are wrought with mixed signals and cross purposes, so take your time. Picnic or party on July 17. On July 18, research financial matters or spend time with someone you’d like to know better.

Big Goal, Baby Steps
July 19 and 20 look good for the right advice or leads; follow a paper trail or present a proposal. July 21 can be a day of grand vision, but it requires an unshakable sense of faith. The Sun enters Leo on July 22. Be sure not to lose sight of what’s important if egos get in the way. On July 23, make responsible foundations and create disciplines to help you obtain your goals. As you make right choices and winnow down your to do list, real accomplishment occurs on July 24.

Aquarius Full Moon
July 25 crackles with magic, and everyone you meet or spend time with is your teacher. Freedom and responsibilities find compromise on July 26. Network on July 27 to make things happen. On July 28, put the brakes on any new ventures; you need more concrete information. The desire to relate increases on July 29, but no one’s home and this can frustrate you through to the next afternoon. July 30 encourages an early start for the weekend, with an increase in action toward evening. Clear the decks for big dreams on July 31.

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April 2010 – Planet Watch with Pamela Cucinell

The Ram Charges Ahead
Luck is in the air on April 1 and 2, and you bloom with renewed enthusiasm. Write down new ideas on April 3 for another day. If you feel thwarted on April 4, modify your routine. April 5 is a terrific day for research and hard questions. A financial or romantic merger heats up starting April 6.  Networking for business, pleasure, or a beloved cause is favored from April 7 through 9.

Preparations for a Fresh Start
Creative activities flourish with cooperation on April 10 and 11. Make decisions about what you can release and where to put your focus on April 12 and 13.
The April 14 Aries New Moon awakens inspiration and mysticism; change and growth begin with reflection. Ideas put in motion on April 15 and 16 have excellent chances for success. April 17 encourages relating (especially romantic); be on the lookout for resources, too.

Mercury Retrograde
This retrograde begins April 18 and lasts through May 11. Rewards take time. Read small print, back up your files and don’t crowd too many appointments into one day.

Approach the Bull Quietly
On April 19, tread lightly and give people space. The Sun enters Taurus on April 20; people will be cheerful unless rushed. Make April 21 a play day, but avoid shopping for expensive items. On Earth Day, April 22, keep alert for agendas that can put projects in jeopardy.
Something can suddenly come together on April 23, so make room for romance. April 24 is detail-oriented; lay out a garden or work on a design. Step forward if you don’t want to be held back on April 25. Look into legal/partnership pros and cons on April 26. Good decisions are made through trust and deep spiritual seeking. On April 27, go to an art show, see a performance or listen to music you love with lovable people.

Full Moon in Scorpio
The power struggle of status quo verses change is in the news on April 28. Although this brings intense emotion, it is good to set your own priorities and focus on goals. April 29 is a satisfying day for research and meaningful conversations. An inspired vision can trigger the answer you’re seeking. April 30 is a productive day, but you want to keep moving and stay stimulated. Try not to begin anything new that day unless you’re ok with it not working out as planned.

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March 2010 – Planet Watch with Pamela Cucinell

Talking in Dreamtime
Mercury enters Pisces on March 1, emphasizing nonverbal communication. Count your blessings from March 1 to 3 and they will multiply. March 3 and 4 reveal unexpected encounters or funds, while March 4 and 5 are powerhouse days to attract relationships and wealth. Let creativity flow on March 6, but wait before you commit to anything. Venus enters Aries on March 7, which increases spontaneity. Use March 8 through 10 for serious work and decisions.

The God of Desire, Unleashed!
On March 10, Mars goes direct and delays diminish; avoid anger and outbursts. Investment options and social networking abound on March 11 and 12. Set a timer if you’re on the computer on March 13 or you’ll miss your dinner engagement. On March 13 and 14, explore innovative ideas and imagine what’s possible.

New Moon = New Visions
The March 15 New Moon heightens dreams, creativity and romance. On March 16, move ahead purposefully; consider your options but don’t do anything rash. People speak without thinking on March 17. By the evening of March 18, a satisfying meal and comfortable surroundings will put any “wrongs” in perspective. If you don’t see the wealth in your life on March 19, look again—you’ve missed something.

Let the Sun Shine In
The Sun enters Aries with the Spring Equinox on March 20. Messages come from children. On March 21, playtime may be at odds with an obligation, but don’t sacrifice good humor. If you want to get a message out, do it on March 22. Emotions run high on March 23, but the end yields great results. Finances may not look pretty on March 24, but evaluate them clearly. Get dressed up and go out on March 25. Someone makes an offer on March 26, but if you’re not sure why, you can set limits. You can plow through research and tasks on March 27. Once you make a decision on March 28, you proceed with great enthusiasm.

The Full Moon in Balance
On March 29 one thing leads to another, then another. There’s a rosy glow to this full moon’s promise, and compromise will boost its potential. March 30 sets a reflective mood, best shared with a friend. On March 31, be aware of the difference between your reactions and reality; this can ease any tension.

Pamela Cucinell writes more astrology at AstrologyOasis.com. Pamela is a Life Path Astrologer who guides clients on a one-time or ongoing basis. Minimize stress and make decisions with confidence – call 917.796.6026.