August 2010: Planetwatch with Pamela Cucinell

Choices at Crossroads

Projects begun on August 1 work out in ways you can’t imagine. Move with the process rather than against it on August 2. Don’t try to initiate anything important on August 3 or 4. Release disagreements and double-check agreements on August 5. Focus is a challenge on August 6; creativity is stimulated but linear tasks feel limiting. Choices are made but you are not able to act—yet.

A Lion Cub’s Roar

Forget about deadlines on August 7. Finish old business on August 8, especially for your home. Creativity crackles with the Leo New Moon on August 9; dance, capture fireflies or search for shooting stars. Avoid situations where you feel a lack of support on August 10. Begin communications projects on August 11. On August 12, eat simple foods, take a walk in nature and/or indulge in bodywork.

Summer See-Saw

If Friday the 13th limits your freedom, reevaluate the situation. August 14 is for picnics, music in the park and artistic/spiritual endeavors. Do research, initiate an enterprise and/or spend time with someone special on August 15. Don’t let upsets change your game on August 16. Do the most important things first on August 17. Articulate your needs on August 18 because if they can’t get met, at least you know where you stand.

Brakes On: Mercury Retrograde

Drive alert on August 19; people do not pay attention. August 20 is an auspicious day for relationships, even though Mercury goes retrograde. Practice caution around contracts, electronics and communications for a few weeks. You can “mine for gold” on August 21. Connections made August 22 through 26 create dynamic change. On August 23, appreciate love. The Pisces Full Moon occurs on August 24; turn off your head and open your heart.

Psychic Hangover

Tasks that require keen attention will take more time on August 25. On August 26, go back to old clients, check in with dormant prospects or look up old friends. It’s uphill on August 27; just keep aligned with your passion. Although you may not gain ground on August 28, conversations are better than closed doors. On August 29, plan a dinner party or go to one. Smell late-summer flowers, shop (antiques, not electronics), and relish long meals with good conversations on August 30. Non-engagement is more effective than an out-and-out argument on August 31. Savor your last day of August.

Pamela Cucinell writes in-depth daily insight at Pamela is a Life Path Astrologer. Shed light on your choices and make decisions with confidence—call 917.796.6026


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