May 2010 – Planet Watch with Pam Cucinell

The Bull Pulls Forward

Mercury is retrograde through May 11, so don’t rush decisions. Options abound on May Day, but they all require work. Enjoy stimulating projects on May 2 and 3. May 4 flows when new inspirations happen with solid foundations under them. Creative problem-solving and networking go well on May 5 and 6. Dream on May 7 and enjoy music you love or whatever allows you to feel bliss.

Spring is Fevered

People promise the moon on May 8, but it won’t fall into your lap. On Mother’s Day, remember that each person is an individual, in spite of who is what to whom. Patience is in short supply on May 10, but enthusiasm magnifies. Silly glitches or electronic misses occur on May 11 when Mercury goes direct. Use May 12 to clear out old business.

A Taurus New Moon

On May 13, plan home design while you reflect on prosperity. Say “maybe” instead of “yes” on May 14 so you don’t over commit. Play with carefree abandon on May 15. On May 16, spend time with people you love to buffer your many obligations. Prioritize on May 17 to make forward strides.

Keep a Light Step

Inspiration and focus make May 18 hum. Communications are off on May 19, but the mood is for fun, theatrics and risks. Try not to initiate anything important on May 20, just allow your sense of humor to play as the Sun enters Gemini.

On May 21, work with your hands and/or see a wellness professional. Pay attention to what you’re doing on May 22, or mishaps could occur. Work out compromises for long-term results on May 22 and 23.

May 24 shines on negotiations, legal matters and partnerships. You find yourself deeply absorbed with a task or a person on May 25. With objectivity and compassion, you get a realization of what’s important on May 26.


The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on May 27 and suggests a big vision, big goals and big surprises; adjust your plans and expect the unexpected. Hope can launch the wildest dreams on May 28. On May 29, the focus is on practical matters and routine. Saturn goes direct on May 30, which signals decisions soon to be made on any previous delays. May 31 encourages the onset of more reflective time; meditate, make art and music or walk in nature and give joy for the beauty around you.

Pamela Cucinell writes even more astrology at Pamela is a Life Path Astrologer who can help you minimize stress and make decisions with confidence—call 917.796.6026


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